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Why is bulk SMS marketing effective?

Bulk SMS Marketing is incredible procedure since you can utilize short codes to rearrange reaction and make your database. You can have your clients make the main move by adding watchword to the print guarantee or a short code, promotion sheets and the online networking. This implies inside a brief span your clients will get acquainted with the brands’ catchphrase and code, making it feasible for them to interface and give reaction.


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Target a large audience with $ 300( basic package) and $ 400( advanced package) at an optimum cost with our Bulk SMS Marketing packages.

Basic SMS package: $100
Advanced SMS package: $300

Bulk SMS Advantages:

  • We have comprehensive automated databases of bearer insightful endorser further sub-arranged by different parameters, for example, social socioeconomics, financial parameters, city-wise, rustic supporters, sexual orientation based, individual and business numbers.
  • We have masters with skill in creating brief yet profoundly powerful and reaction bringing out SMS messages.
Bulk SMS Software Features:

Give us a chance to give you a petite and brisk bit of the excellent highlights which you will appreciate from our end.

  • Exceed expectations Plug-in additionally accessible (You can send sms without login our web interface, spare client name and secret phrase into Excel and send sms with no interference.)
  • Modified/Personalize Bulk SMS in Delhi NCR Feature Available.
  • Hindi SMS or Bulk SMS Gurgaon in any Languages additionally accessible (for example Unicode SMS)
  • DND/Non-DND Filtration Available on mass sms web interface.
  • Mass SMS Service Comprises Of:
  • Mass sms affiliates
  • Virtual telephone number
  • Send SMS Alerts
  • Mass sms programming interface
  • Sms portal combination
  • Missed call ready administration
  • Dnd and non-dnd sms
  • Permits to diminish uses for publicizing.
  • You needn’t bother with uncommon abilities to send SMS battle.
  • Battles are conveyed rapidly.
  • Permits to expand deals and clients’ dedication

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